With 9ja cash-quick loan app, you can apply for a loan without collateral. Up to N300,000 with low interest rate. To repay in 61 to 180 days time. All loan application it's being done with the use of your mobile device with internet connection.

9ja cash is a loan lending platform in Nigeria that offers loans to individuals, salary earners, or small scale business owners through it's App. Each one of us needs money at times to carter for our needs which could not be met solely by depending on savings. So seeking for loans in such difficult moment will be a perfect idea and 9ja cash quick loan app is right their for you.

They make getting a personal loan as easy as ABC by using the data on your phone including your SMS history to verify your identity and create a credit score. They encrypt the data you choose to share with them and protect your information.

Table of Contents
  • How it Works
  • Requirements
  • Benefits
  • How to Apply
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Limit
  • Repayment Method
  • Head Office
  • Conclusion.

How 9ja Quick Cash Loan App Works In Nigeria

  1. Download and install the 9ja cash quick app from Google play store
  2. Create an account
  3. Fill out a form and submit
  4. Apply your loans and set it's repayment date
  5. Receive your loan straight into your bank account
  6. Unlock your loan limit each time you repay your loan.

9jacash Loan Requirements

  1. BVN
  2. Bank Account Number
  3. Means of Identification
  4. Your mobile phone number linked to your account
  5. Email Address (Optional)


These are what you stand to gain why using the 9ja cash app:
  1. No hidden charges
  2. No collateral or documents needed
  3. Good customer support system
  4. You can borrow up to N300,000
  5. It is fast, secured, reliable and easy to use

How to Apply for a Loan on 9ja Cash Quick Loan App

  1. Download and install the 9ja cash quick loan app
  2. Register by creating an account
  3. Add your bank and debit card details
  4. View and select your loan offers and it's repayment tenor
  5. Receive your loans within 24 hours directly to your bank account

9jaCash Loan Interest Rate

9ja quick cash loan interest rate ranges from 1% - 34% with an equivalent monthly interest of 3% - 29%.

For example: If you choose to loan the sum of N10,000 to repay in 6 months time and 9ja cash charges you an interest rate of 3.5% per month.

Your 6 months interest rate is 3.5% × 6 months = 21%. 9ja quick cash will charge you N2,100 as interest of 6 months repayment period. That is, N10,000 × 21% = N2,100. So total amount of repayment is N12,100.

Loan Limit

9ja Cash Repayment Method

It's your loan approaching it's due date(s) or at when due? If yes, then worry not because, 9ja cash make use of Auto debit system that automatically deducts your loan balance on its due date.

You can also choose to repay your loan through the 9ja cash quick loan app. Login and click on the "repayment" tab and follow the instructions to repay your loan.

How Loansnigeria.com Review 9ja Cash Loan

  • Overall Score - 4.1
  • Availability - 4.2
  • Affordability - 3.7
  • Customer Experience - 4.2

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Head Office

Admiralty Way, Beside Tantalizers, Providence House 105112, Lekki Phase 1, Nigeria.



9ja cash quick loan app is secured and all the information you choose to share with them can never be disclose to any third parties. So feel free to apply for a loan with them.