Lidya loan puts you in control of your finance. Available in Nigeria, USA, Poland and Czech Republic. Here's how to apply and get up to N30,000,000, $100,000, PLN2,000,000 and Kc^10,000,000 Directly to your bank account without collateral.

About Lidya Loan Nigeria

Lidya Loan

Lidya is a USA holding financial institution that provide access to credit and finance across frontier and emerging markets. They provide loans to business owners in Nigeria and in some other countries to expand or build their business and generate more income. To assess credit risk lidya uses close to 100 data points to evaluate businesses, build a credit score unique to each business, and disburse loans in 24 hours or less.

Table of Contents
  • How lidya loan works
  • Requirements
  • Why Choose Lidya Loan
  • How to Apply
  • Interest Rates
  • How to pay back your lidya loan
  • How we Reviewed Lidya Loan
  • Lidya loan contact details
  • Conclusion

How Lidya Loan Works

Here is how Lidya loan works in Nigeria, USA, Poland and Czech Republic:

1. Create an account

Visit lidya website, select your country and register by creating an account

2. Upload your transaction history

Before applying for loans, you have to upload your Requirements/data quickly and safely. Your data will be analyzed within 24 hours. Don't worry all your information are safe and will never be disclose to any third party.

3. Understand your transaction data

Have a record of all your transactions that you can access online, anytime, anywhere.

4. Be qualified for a loan

If your business needs more funds to expand/grow, then think no further than seeking for a loan on lidya.

5. Loans disbursement

Receive the loans within 24 hours of applying directly to your bank account.

Lidya loan requirements

Here are all the following requirements expected from you:

• Bank account

For loan disbursement, make sure you have a bank account.

• Phone number

When seeking for a loan and lidya, make sure to register with the phone number linked to your BVN.

• Bank statement of account

Upload your last 3 - 6 months bank statement of account.

• Busines owner

Make sure you are a business owner. and that you have been operating your business for a minimum of 3 months.

• Website

Ensure that you are a registered business and you have a website. If you don't have one, click here to learn how to create a website instantly.

Why Choose Lidya loan?

Lydia loan

Here are a list of what you stand to gain when using lidya as your loan options:

• No hidden charges

Lidya charges you 0% fees on any funds you choose to borrow.

• No collateral or guarantor needed

Banks require collateral or guarantor to give out loans. To get financing from Lidya, you don't need to bring in collateral or guarantor. Lidya algorithms process around 100 data points to make lending decisions.

• Fast, Reliable and easy to use

Access working capital, keep track of your loans and invoice your customers 24/7. Your loan applications are processed within 24 hours or at most within 48 hours and, if approved, disbursement takes place instantly.

• Security is paramount

Lidya encrypt the data you choose to share with them and protect your privacy. Be rest assured that your data will never be revealed to any third party.

• Lidya credit score

Lidya make use of a credit/risk assessment score to determine your loan limits and interest rates. Repay your loans on time to build up your credit score and increase your loan limits and decrease your interest rates.

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How to get a loan with Lidya in Nigeria, USA, Poland and Czech Republic

Lydia loan

To quickly get your loan, follow these steps:

1. Visit Lidya home page

Visit Lidya website at and click on the "need financing" and select the country of your residence. Within a seconds, you will be redirected to your country of residence.

2. Create an account

Click on the "sign up" button and fill in your details such as your name, email, phone number linked to your BVN. Accept it's term's and click on "create account".

3. Email verification

A verification message it's being sent to your email account. Quickly login to your email and click on "activate your account". Now, you will be directed to create your password for login purpose and your account will be activated.

4. Set up your company details

Once you have verified your email, login to the platform and fill in your personal data. By personal data, I mean your company name, email, RC Number, phone number and bank details etc.

5. Apply for a loan

View your loan limits and select the most relevant option available for you and apply for a loan. Know your interest rates and repayment tenor.

6. Loan Disbursement

Receive your fund's within 24 hours if being accepted directly to the bank account you submitted.

7. Build up your credit score

Repay your debts on, or, before your loans due date(s) to build up your credit score, increase your loans limit and also decrease your loans interest rates.

Lidya loan interest rates

Lidya offers no fixed interest rates on loans. Lidya make use of a credit score to determine your loan interest rates.

How to Repay a Loan on Lidya

Lidya make use of a direct debit system that quickly deducts your loan balance on your loan due dates. However, you can also choose to repay your loans through any of the available options that is being shown to you at the time of applying for loans.

How Reviews Lidya Loan

  • Overall Score - 4.9
  • Affordability - 4.8
  • Availability - 4.9
  • Customer Experience - 5.0

Please note: All reviews are prepared by, opinion expressed therein are solely based and have not been reviewed or approved by any advertiser. The information, including rates and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review

Lidya loan contact details

For more information, visit any of these lidya loan head office near you.

Lagos, Nigeria

Oko Awo Street, Victoria, Island.

New York, USA

Warsaw, Poland

We work Hotel Europejski, 13 Krakowskie Przedmiescie.

Prague, Czech Republic

Panskà 854/2 Novèstro, Praha 1.


With lidya loan, you can take care of your business anytime, anyday. You don't need a guarantor or collateral before applying for loans.

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