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KiaKia Loan App And Website - 200k Loans For Grab Easily

Learn everything about the KiaKia Loan in one piece, how to download the KiaKia Loan App and how to borrow money from KiaKia website.

About KiaKia Loan.

KiaKia are registered trademarks of KiaKia Bits Ltd. KiaKia is authorized and regulated by the Money Lenders Act Cap 52. KiaKia and Mr. K are trading names for KiaKia Bits Ltd. (RC N∗ 799552).

Why Use KiaKia Loan? 

KiaKia Loan gives you access to personal and small business loans, and also enable savers lend out funds at negotiated interests through intuitive conversations.

Why Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan? 

The full name of this loan is called the Sterling bank Kiakia loan. This is because, Kiakia is partnered with Sterling bank. 

You can therefore guess that a Sterling bank account would be one of the requirements in getting a loan from Kiakia loan app and website.

Furthermore, as if it’s not enough that they do not have a Kiakia loan app, you would probably talk to a human agent at some point. (Although, this is typically not the case, you typically get your loan in minutes).

Finally, if you do not already have a sterling bank account, you would have to wait days or weeks in other to open your account.

How To Use A KiaKia Loan And How It Works?

After you visit the Kiakia website and click on “Click to get a loan” 

Next step is to click on get a loan from their next option,

You will see the Kiakia chat bot. Using this chat bot, you will go through the process of registration. 

After your have completed your registration, you might be told to meet with a live agent to further determine if you qualify for the loan. 

This process will probably be avoided if there was a Kiakia loan app, right?

Anyway, let’s have a look at the requirements and what you need to have in other to apply for a loan through Kiakia.

KiaKia Loan Requirements 

The good news is, you don’t need a collateral in other to apply for the kiakia loan. Here are the requirements

*.A valid ID card
* An email address
* A bank account (Preferably a sterling bank account).

You do not need to download any Kiakia loan app because it currently do not exist and you can get your loan easy from KiaKia Loan website.

How To Get Started And Register With KiaKia Loan. 

1. Remember, there is no Kiakia loan app download needed. Therefore, the first step is to visit the Kiakia website

2. Then, click on the “Click to get loan” to access the live chat bot.

3. Click on “Get a loan” to apply for this loan.

4. Kiakia chat bot will ask for an email address, give them your email address.

5. If you haven’t create an account with them, they will send you a 6 digit verification code which you will get from your email address.

6. Put the 6-digit code into the chat bot.

7. The chat bot will then take you through the rest of the application.

This process will probably take about 15mins, but sometime, Kiakia would require that you see one of their agents.

KiaKia Loan Interest Rate

Kiakia interest rate is typically from 5.6% – 24% and you also have 7 to 30 days to pay back. Again, this varies from person-to person.

How To Repay Your KiaKia Loan Debt? 

• After you visit the website (and not a Kiakia loan app), click on “Click to get loan”

• Click on the “Repay a loan” button

• The Kiakia chat bot will ask you for your email address. Please give them the email address that you used when applying for the loan.

• After providing this information, the chat bot will take your through the rest of the process required to pay back your Kiakia loan.

KiaKia Customer Care Contact 

If you have a problem and need to speak to a Kiakia representative, you can either email them at or give them a call at 08093078377, 09055111140 or 08092245588.

Furthermore, you can also whatsapp them via 08092245588

If you feel like visiting them, they have a Lagos and Abuja location. Here they are

Dele Onabule Street, Magodo Brooks Estate, Lagos.

Suite S3, Pathfield Mall, 4th Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Why Use KiaKia? 

1. Real Time

Account creation and loan application are swift and 24/7 no downtime, you can apply for fund loan anytime.

2. No Fees

KiaKia charges no application nor lender listing fees.

3. Self Service 

Assigned personalised virtual agent at your beck and call anytime with little or no human intervention during the application process.

What Is All About For You.

• Loan Applications

Access personal and small business loans in real-time 24/7.

• Credit Score

Learn about scoring and how you can build your credit score based on your activity on the platform and financial behaviour.

• Friendly Reminders

Get friendly repayment reminders and notifications before repayment on your due date.

• Lend Out

Get listed as a lender, fund loans and earn good interest rates.

• Transaction Status

Check your application status, loan status, interest rates and credit profile.

Wrapping Up With KiaKia Loan Website App

There is no Kiakia loan app download at this time. Therefore, if you want to get a loan via Kiakia, you will need to do this using the Live chat bot on their website.

Getting a loan via Kiakia typically takes minutes, however, some sources say that you might meet with an agent in atypical situations.

Read their terms and conditions, check the interest rate and plan on how to payback before you accept the loan.
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