Need a loan? Specta loan is here for you for up to N5million without collateral with an amazing interest. Here's how to apply and be accepted in 5 minutes. But before then, let me briefly explain what Specta loan is all about.

About Specta Loan Nigeria

Specta loan

Specta loan is an online lending platform powered by the Sterling bank plc. They offer quick loans in 5 minutes to the Nigerian consumers irrespective of banks or business owners who has a salary account with Sterling bank through their loan packages which is designed to suit your needs and taste.

With specta, their aim is to create a simple, convenient, and personalized experience for their customers. They use proprietary data and analytics to review applications and provide approved applicants with loans. Specta by Sterling is so good that they are rank #1 in companies that provides quick online loans in Nigeria without collateral, you can check it out here.

Table of Contents
  • Requirements
  • How it works
  • Features of specta loan
  • Loan packages offered by specta Nigeria
  • Why Choose Specta loan as your online lending platforms
  • How to Apply
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Limit
  • Specta loan login
  • Repayment Method
  • Specta loan app download
  • Contact Details
  • Conclusion

Specta Loan Requirements

Before applying for a loan on specta, make sure to provide these following requirements:
  1. Provide any valid means of Identification
  2. Sterling bank account (optional)
  3. Bank verification number (BVN)
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone number linked to your BVN.

How Sterling Bank Specta loan Works in Nigeria

Specta loan works in the following ways:
  1. Download the specta loan app or visit Specta website
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete your profile
  4. Supply your bank details
  5. Apply for loan
  6. Receive your loans within 5 minutes.

    Features of Specta Loan

    Here are all they fractures of Sterling bank Specta loan:

    Specta Personal Loan

    Specta loan

    Personal Loan is a loan needed to take care of urgent and personal issues which can not be solved by depending on cash at hand or savings.

    Specta Educational Loan

    Educational loan is a type of loan we need in other to take care of our educational needs and wants, such as tuition, books and supplies, and living expenses.

    Specta Medical Loan

    With specta medical loan, you can take care of all your medical expenses. Some of these medical expenses are planned for while others are emergencies which can not be ignored. Such as child birth, cancer care, surgeries, dental care, infertility treatment, invitro fertilization and many more. Specta medical loan can help ensure your health or that of your love ones are taken care of.

    Top Reasons for Needing a Medical Loan

    • Child birth
    • Surgeries
    • Infertility treatment
    • Dental care
    • Cancer Care etc.

    Specta Wedding Loan

    If you are planning on getting married to that dream girl of yours but doesn't have enough cash to take care of all your wedding planning and activities, then, worry not because, specta wedding loan is their to assist you.

    Specta Payday Loan

    With our ever growing needs and the tougher economy, we all know that our salaries might not sustain us until exactly a month later. Sometimes you need to get your salary now to ensure you sort out that personal issues.

    Specta payday loan is a type of short term loan based on a borrowers income profile. In this loan package, the amount of loan you can apply for strictly depends on the salary of the individuals requesting for a loan. These loans are also called cash advance loans.

    Specta Holiday Loan

    A holiday loan is offered by specta to help ensure you get the much needed rest you deserve, see family and friends that you dearly missed and help ensure holiday gift are sorted.

    A holiday loan can help to pay for travel, hotel booking, gifts or even a party for love ones.

    Specta Rent Loan

    Unexpected situations tend to come up that can hinder your ability to meet financial obligations. A sudden job loss, large medical bills or family issues can make it difficult to meet your monthly rent payment.

    However, tenants may be able to avoid skipping a rent payment by getting an emergency loan for rent through the specta rent loan features.

    Personal Project Loan

    Most people have a plan B that needs a little boost. Specta personal project loan can take your project to the next level by giving it the opportunity to expand and maintain day to day operations.

    Loan packages Offered by Specta Nigeria

    Specta loan

    Here are a list of loan packages offered on the specta loan platform:

    Specta Basic

    Specta Basic is one of the loan packages designed by Sterling bank Specta to give loans up to N5million within 5 minutes for a maximum period of 4 years to salary earners irrespective of banks and business owners whose account are in Sterling bank. This plan comes with an amazing interest rate and flexible repayment term.

    Specta Xtreme

    Specta Xtreme is a loan packages designed by Specta to give loans up to N2million for a period of 12 months to the Nigerian consumers with no profiling necessary irrespective of banks.

    This plan comes with an affordable interest rates which ranges from 26 - 30% in a year with a flexible repayment terms.

    Specta Allawee

    Specta Allawee is one of the loan packages offered by Specta, and it is specifically designed to enable corpers in Nigeria get quick access to funds to develop and expand their entrepreneurial dreams.

    Specta Quick-Cash

    Specta Quick-Cash is specifically designed by Specta to allow individuals based on social media reputation and transaction history irrespective of banks to get quick access to funds up to N20,000 without collateral.

    Specta Prime

    Specta Prime is an investment platform designed by Specta to enable individuals and corporate earn money on their investment while you lend for urgent needs.

    Why Choose Specta Loan as your Online lending Platform?

    1. Specta loan application is very easy to apply
    2. Good customer support services
    3. You don't need to bring collateral or documents before applying for loan, everything is pure paperless
    4. 100% privacy control
    5. You receive your loans in 5 minutes.

    How to Apply for a loan with Specta

    1. Visit the specta web portal at or apply through the specta loan app.
    2. From the list list of loan packages, select any one that suits your needs
    3. Create an account
    4. Fill in your loan application form
    5. Upload your requirements
    6. Apply for loans and set it's repayment date
    7. Receive your funds in 5 minutes directly to your bank account.

    Specta Loan Interest Rate

    Specta loan interest rate ranges from 22% - 30% per annum irrespective of banks.

    Loan Limit

    Specta loan

    Specta loan limit ranges from N5,000 - N5,000,000 to repay in 2 - 48 months term.

    Specta Loan Login 

    You can sign up with Specta Loan if you have not created an account with them or easily Login to your Specta Loan dashboard from here.

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    How to pay back specta loan

    It's your loan approaching it's due date (s)? Or at when due? If yes then, you have nothing to worry about because, specta loan makes use of Automatic debit system that quickly withdraws your loan balance from your bank only when your loan is at when due.

    Note: your loan balance is being deducted from the account details you submitted when applying for loan.

    Specta Loan App (APK) Download

    To download the Specta loan app on your Android phone, follow these tips:

    • Visit Google play store
    • On the search bar, type Specta loan app
    • Download and install it on your Android phone
    • Congrats, you have successfully installed Specta loan app on your mobile phone.

    Specta Loan Contact Details

    For more informations, you can reach out to specta customer service team via these following ways:

    How Review Specta Loan

    • Overall Score - 4.1
    • Availability - 4.2
    • Affordability - 3.7
    • Customer Experience - 4.2

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    Specta Loan is one of the fastest loan lending platforms in Nigeria that offers instant loans to individuals in 5 minutes without Collateral irrespective of banks either through the app or via it's website.