FINT Loan Review 

FINT loan is an online lending platform Empowering Nigerians by making loans more accessible and affordable; and lending more rewarding.

FINT Loan Review 

You can borrow from N20,000 - N1,000,000 from fint loan with a fixed term rate of 3, 6, to 12 months .

Pay back principles and interest monthly with low rates as low as 2% monthly.

No collateral and no paper work needed to get a Loan from Fint Loan.

How Does Fint Loan Works In Nigeria?

Wanna get started with Fint Loan in Nigeria, here is a quick step forward:

FINT is a loan marketplace that matches lenders looking for competitive returns with creditworthy borrowers looking for the most attractive interest rates possible

1. Get Your FINT Score and Verify Your Details

Answer the FINT Risk Assessment for free to get your lowest eligible rate in minutes. Pay verification fee of N3,000 to allow us verify your home and work address.

2. Choose Your Loan Term

Get a fixed term for 3, 6 or 12 months as well as your interest rates. No hidden fees or tricky fine prints.
3. Upload Documents, Be Verified and Get a Loan

We carry out some verification checks on your information. Once you upload the required documents, your loan is visible on the platform for lenders to lend to you..
4. Disburse Your Loan

Once full funded, Pay the 8% commitment fee and your loan will be sent to your bank account.

Why Use Fint Loan?

1. Safe and Protected

Borrow with peace of mind. We don't share your sensitive financial details with sellers. And FINT is PCI compliant with fraud management built in.

2. Customer Support That Cares

Online or on the phone, we're here to help with any queries you may have.

3. Simple and Convenient

Once you've taken a loan, FINT will take it from there. FINT will automatically carry out monthly repayments on your behalf. No need to do anything

4. Reducing Interest Rate

Based on credibility, borrowers are offered the best rate from wide range of interest rates.

FINT Loan also offers loans in business opportunities, medical expenses, rent,  automobile financing, vacation, education loans on FINT Loan.

Every borrower has to take a FINT risk assessment to qualify for a loan. 

A borrower’s score ranges from A++ to C-, with A++ being the safest borrower(s) on the platform. Your FINT score determines the interest rate you pay. 

An A++ borrower pays lower interest than an C- borrower.

Not every loan request is accepted. The FINT Score is an indication that a borrower qualifies for a loan and their grade reflects how risky the assessment thinks the borrower is.

How To Borrow Loan From Fint Portal In Nigeria 

As a Borrower on FINT, you can gain access to Loans at as low as 2% per month. You do not require any collateral and loans can be used for personal purposes such as rent, home renovations, land purchase, car purchase, medical expenses, furniture and appliances, business opportunities, education amongst others.

Simply apply for a loan by answering the FINT Risk Assessment and Investors will fund your loan which can be disbursed when fully funded.

To borrow loan from Fint Loan, visit the loan portal here, 

• Select borrow money or lend money from Fint Loan online website,

• Login or create new account if you are new to FINT Loan in Nigeria,

• Fill in your personal details and complete registration.

• Yes, then create a new account with borrower status.

Fint Loan App / Apk

Applying for a loan through FINT website is fast, easy, and confidential. Please note that FINT Loan does not have any FINT Loan App or FINT Loan apk and all applications must be completed online. The process is the following:

• Apply and take the risk assessment test to obtain a risk score

• Accept terms and conditions as well as interest rate assigned

• Pay for verification of your addresses and credit history check

• Once accepted, upload necessary documents for verification

• Once verified, loan request is uploaded unto platform

• Once funded, money is disbursed to the borrower.

FINT Loan Interest Rate 

Based on your risk score , there is an interest rate attached to your loan request. However, you can choose whether or not to borrow if the interest rate does not suit your needs.