Need a loan? Get one with carbon. Available in Nigeria, USA, England and Kenya. Without collateral, guarantor or documentation needed to repay at your convenience with a repayment tenor of 1 - 12 months term.

Carbon Loan

Here's a detailed guide on how to apply for carbon loan. But before then, let me briefly explain what carbon is all about.

Table of Contents
  • What is carbon?
  • How carbon loan works
  • Carbon loan requirements
  • Requirements for a business loan on Carbon
  • Benefits of applying for loans on Carbon app
  • How to apply for a loan from carbon
  • Carbon app download
  • Carbon loan interest rate
  • Loan limits
  • How to repay carbon loan
  • Carbon loan customer care
  • Head office
  • How we reviewed carbon
  • Carbon loan website
  • Conclusion

What is Carbon?

Carbon is a financial service provided by one finance and investment ltd (RC 1044655), license & regulated by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Carbon are a global company of over 90 employees with operations in Nigeria, United States and England.

Carbon gives out loans up to N30million to business owners, and up to N1million to salary or non-salary earners without collateral anywhere you are either at home, office or work. As long as you have an internet connectivity with data connection on your mobile phone.

Apart from giving out loans to individuals, carbon also has an investment platform that allows you to earn up to 16% per annum when you invest with payvest. You can also pay bills, recharge airtime, check your credit score or transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria through carbon loan app.

How Carbon Loan Works

Carbon works in they following ways:

1. Download the Carbon loan app

You can choose to download the Carbon app either through Google play store or via Apple play store. When you download carbon app, they will ask for your permission to scan your financial SMS data and other information in order to verify your identity, creditworthiness, and provide you with an instant loan without collateral.

2. Register by creating an account

Fill out your personal details, bank details, upload your requirements, view and select your loan amount.

3. Loan Disbursement

Receive your loans within 5 minutes if being accepted, directly to your bank account.

4. Repay on time

Repay your loan on, or, before the due date to increase your chances of receiving a higher loan amount and lower interest rate for your next loan.

Carbon Loan Requirements

Before applying for a loan from Carbon, make sure to provide these following requirements:

• Bank Account

You must have a bank account for loan disbursement.

• Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Before processing for loans, you must have a BVN and also provide your phone number linked to your BVN account. Learn how to check your BVN from your phone or via online.

• Bank Statement of Account

You must provide your recent 3 - 6 months statement of account to monitor the inflow and outflow of your account in order to help decide your loan amount.

• Means of Identification

You must provide any valid means of identification such as national identity card known as ID Card etc.

Requirements for a business loan on Carbon

  • You must provide all the loan requirements listed above
  • Operate in Retail, Agent Banking, Health or Food Services.
  • Make a minimum monthly sales of 1million
  • Have a 12months + active corporate/business bank account
  • Operate in Nigeria.

Why Choose Carbon Loan?

Carbon loan

• No Hidden Charges

Carbon only charges it's loan applicants a fixed 5% fee on the amount disbursed for new applicants and 4% for returning customers. Unlike traditional sources of funding, there are zero hidden fees.

• Fast & Easy to use

The entire loan application process is fast and easy to apply. Simply complete your loan application form, provide your required documents and get your money within 5 minutes.

• Security is Paramount

Carbon ensure that all the data/information you choose to share with them are secured and can never be revealed to any third parties.

• No Collateral, Guarantor or Paperwork

Whether you are a student, salary earner or self employed, you can get a loan from carbon without collateral, guarantor or paperwork.

How to apply for a loan from Carbon (Paylater)

Follow these steps to get a loan from carbon within 5 minutes:

1. Download the Carbon Loan App

To download the carbon app via Google play store or through Apple store for iOS users.

2. Register by Creating An Account

Click on register and fill in all the necessary details such as your name, email, phone number, bank details and do on, to create an account.

3. Upload your Requirements

You will be required to upload a photo of yourself right through app, then you will also upload/fill in your loans requirements listed above.

4. Apply for Loan

Click on request for loan, browse and view your loan limits. Apply for a loan based on your limits and submit your application form. Carbon will review your application within seconds and determin if you are accepted or not.

5. Loan Disbursement

Receive your money within 5 minutes directly to your bank account. Repay on time or on it's due date to increase your chances of receiving a higher loan amount and lower interest rate for your next loan.

6. Avoid being Penalized

If you can't repay your loan on, or, on it's due date, try to reach out to Carbon customer care number and beg for an increase in time. To avoiding being reported to the national credit bureau (NCB) in Nigeria.

Carbon Loan App Download

Carbon Loan

To To download the carbon app via Google play store for Android users or through Apple store for iOS users. When you download the carbon app, you'll be required to grant carbon access to scan your SMS history and other information in order to verify your identity, determin your creditworthiness and provide you with quick and instant loan.

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Carbon Loan Interest Rates

Getting a loan on Carbon will attract an interest rates of 1.75% - 30%, with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1 - 21%. The annual percentage rate (APR) on a carbon loan ranges from 23 - 60.8%.

For example: For a 3 months loan of N50,000 carbon charges 2% per month, with an APR of 24.3%. total repayment amount after 3 months (90days) is N53,000.

Loan limits

Carbon offers two loan products namely; personal loan and business loan. Carbon Personal loan limits ranges from N2,000 - N1,000,000 and offers up to N20,000,000 on business loans. With term's ranges from 1 - 12 months term.

How to Pay-Back Carbon Loan

It's your Carbon loan at when due? Or approaching it's due date? To repay the loan given to you and/or to someone you authorized to use this account via direct transfer, login to the carbon app and click on "repay a loan", follow the instructions to repay your loans successfully.

You can also choose to repay your carbon loans via electronic debit from the card/account you provided at the time of your loan application.

Carbon Loan Customer Number

Carbon - formerly paylater, is a service provided by a fully licensed and regulated finance company. For issues or complain, you can always reach out to them via any of these following numbers:
  • 01-460 9945
  • 01-631 1215
You can also reach out to them by sending a mail at

Head Office

Plot 642c, Akin Adesola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

How Reviews Carbon

  • Overall Score - 4.9
  • Affordability - 4.8
  • Availability - 4.9
  • Customer Experience - 5.0

Please note: All reviews are prepared by, opinion expressed therein are solely based and have not been reviewed or approved by any advertiser. The information, including rates and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review.

Carbon Loan Website

Carbon loan

Carbon has a website and you can visit them through

Conclusion on Carbon Loan Nigeria

Carbon gives you quick loans without collateral anywhere you are. What is required is your mobile phone with data connection to proceed. Feel free to apply for a loan from them.