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Loan In Pakistan Without Interest

Loans In Pakistan Without Interest 

Do you want to get a Loan in Pakistan without interest, it's easy, fast, safe and reliable getting loans from this companies.

Best Loan In Pakistan Without Interest For Small Business 

We have researched on the best free interest loans in Pakistan 2019:

1. Standard Chartered Loan In Pakistan 

Whether you need cash to design your dream home, give your children the best education, make your daughter's wedding the talk of town, or take that dream vacation with your loved ones; you can make this possible with a Standard Chartered Personal Loans.

Why SC Loan 

• Featuring exciting schemes, 

• easy repayment options and competitive interest rates,

• The Standard Chartered Personal Loan is a hassle free way to fulfil your financial needs.

Key features of the Standard Chartered Personal Loan:

• Loans available with range of repayment options from 1-5 years

• Borrow up to PKR 2 mn

• Competitive interest rates

• No security, collateral or guarantors required

• Easy documentation and quick processing

Top up facility on existing Personal Loans with Standard Chartered.

Documents Needed To Be Eligible For SC Loans. 

• Copy of Valid CNIC
• Salary Slip.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

You can avail of loans ranging from PKR 30,000 to PKR 2 mn depending on your eligibility, income and repayment capacity.

What are the loan tenure options?

The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 60 months.

How much time will it take for my loan to be approved?

Your loan will be disbursed within 10 working days post receipt of the all required documents.

Are there any additional charges?

A processing fee will be charged on the loan amount as follows:

2. Mawazna Loan provides an impartial comparison service matching with your all personal loan needs. 

The service is 100% free for consumers. Their aim to help you by providing a wide range of personal loan offers along with comprehensive information that can help you to choose the best product of your choice. 

You can contact them and they can work on your behalf to arrange a best personal loan offer for you that will save your time and money with no interest in Pakistan.

3. Meezanbank Islamic Loan Without Interest 

Easy Home is a completely interest (Riba) free solution to your home financing needs. Unlike a conventional house loan, 

Meezan Bank’s Easy Home works through the Diminishing Musharakah where you participate with Meezan Bank in joint ownership of your property. 

The nature of the contract is co-ownership and not a loan. This is because the transaction is not based on lending and borrowing of money but on joint ownership of a house. 

Meezan Bank, thus shares the cost of the house being purchased. Creating joint ownership and then gradually transferring ownership to the consumer instead of simply lending money is the major factor that makes Easy Home Shariah-compliant

With Easy Home you participate with Meezan Bank in joint ownership of your property, where the Bank will provide a certain amount of financing. 

You agree to a monthly payment to the Bank of which one component is rent for the home, and another for your equity share. 

In fact, the total monthly payment is reduced regularly as your share in the property grows. 

When you have made the full investment, which had been agreed upon, you become the sole owner with a clear title to the property

Why Taking A Personal Loan In Pakistan Without Interest?

If you decide that a personal loan is for you then it will make it possible to purchase what you need quickly. 

This could be an emergency repair to your home or paying for a new car. Whatever it may be, you can be sure that a personal loan will help you to cover the cost. 

There is a lot of information available that explains all you need to know about a personal loan, so spend time getting to know more about this product.

There are many reasons why you might need to take out a personal loan. When the time comes to apply for a loan, you will need to meet specific criteria in order to have your loan request accepted.

Personal loans are an ideal option for many but they have to used responsibly in order to avoid finding yourself in debt or impacting your credit rating.
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