Monday, December 23, 2019

EcoBank Loan Code | Requirements And Eligibility For Eco Loans

Eco Bank Loan | How To Apply 

Ecobank is one of top Nigeria bank that offers flexible range of loans to help you afford it.

With Ecobank loan, you can apply for up-to 90% of funds, no collateral needed, repay convinently over up-to 10 years and access to large and short term loan. 

Fcmb Bank Loan
First Bank Loan 
GTBank Loan 

Ecobank Loan can be apply using the Eco Bank Loan ussd code or visit any of their nearest branch.

Types Of Ecobank Loans You Can Apply

Ecobank Loan 

1. Ecobank Auto Loan

Eco bank offers loans on Auto Loan or Asset Acquisition which can help you make your dreams of purchasing a new vehicle or generator a reality, by offering you up to 90% of the cost of the asset.

2. Ecobank Advance Facility Loan

If you’re suddenly faced with unexpected financial needs, Ecobank can help. With Ecobank Advance Facility loan which allows you to get fast access to up to 50% of your net monthly salary.

3. Ecobank Mortgage Loan 

Whether you are buying a new home, or renovating or refinancing the home you live in now, Ecobank Mortgage Loan is the ideal way to finance it.

4. Ecobank Travel Loan 

Ecobank Travel Loan offers you a simpler way to manage your vacation expenses, and includes discounts on tickets prices and hotel accommodation.

5. Ecobank Salary Advance Loan 

Providing instant access to funds for emergencies, Ecobank Salary Advance loan is a 30-day overdraft facility, offering employees of approved organisations access to up to 40% of their net monthly salary.

6. Ecobank Cash Backed Loan

If you have existing deposits or investments with Ecobank, their Cash Backed Loan is a pre-approved, low interest loan that can help you access your cash without liquidating your savings.

7. Ecobank Personal Loan 

Ecobank Personal Loan is an all-purpose loan, offering you flexible repayment plans and the option to access additional funds after repayment over time. So whatever you’re financing, it’s easy to lean on us.

How To Apply For Ecobank Loan 

To get started and apply for Eco loan, you have to visit any of their nearest branch near you.

You can also make use of Eco Bank branch locator to find out their nearest branch near you.

Ecobank Loan Ussd Code For Instant Loan 

You can access the Ecobank banking system by dialing Ecobank instant quick loan code *326# and get access.
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Saturday, December 7, 2019

First Bank Loan | First Loan Code | How To Apply

First Loan Review | About First Bank Loan 

First bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria that offers loans and provide capital for you to start your new business venture, own your dream home or upgrade your car.

First bank offers loans on:

• First Bank Personal Home Loans
• First Bank Joint Mortgage Loan
• First Bank Finance Loan
• First Bank Automobile Loan
• First Personal Loan Against Salary.

First Bank Loan | Codes And Requirements On How To Apply 

1. First Personal Home Loans

Do you need to Buy your first home, constructing or simply renovating? 

First bank flexible home loan will give you the financial boost you need to support your project on your home.

Features Of First Home Loans:

• Available to individuals with verifiable and steady income flow
• Maximum tenor is 20 years, subject to retirement age of 60 years
• Simplified Documentation
• Minimum down payment of below 30%, subject to the location
• Competitive interest rates
• No equity contribution is required for Home Equity Refinancing
• Property to be financed must be residential and not for commercial purpose.

Requirements For Applying First Home Loans 

1. Application letter
2. Personal Home Loan Application form
Last 3 months payslip
3. Statement of accounts
4. Applicant’s letter of total emolument
5.Confirmation of applicant’s employer on FBN approved list
6. Valid title document
7. Letter for irrevocable domiciliation of salary for the duration of the facility.

Who Can Apply?

Employees in paid employment and self-employed professionals.

How To Apply For First House Loan:

To apply for the Personal Home Loan,

Complete the form and submit at the nearest FirstBank branch.

2. First Bank Joint Mortgage Loan

With first Joint Mortgage loan, you and your spouse or business partner can easily buy property which either party could ordinarily not have been able to purchase as individuals. 

This loan is flexible and repayment pressure is reduced.


• Applicants are legitimate couples or registered partners
• Repayment capacity is on both applicants
• Applicants are both financially committed
• Applicants are joint and co-owners of the property
• Loan obatainable is N70 million
• Maximum tenor of 240 months (20 years), subject to 60 years retirement age
• Minimum equity contribution of 20-30% depending on the location.


1. Flexible repayment structure
2. Loan repayment is distributed between the spouses easing up repayment pressure
3. Competitive interest rates.

Documents Required:

• Consumer Loan Request Form
• Status Enquiry of Employer form
• Current 3-6 months payslip
• 3-6 months Bank Account Statement
• 3 passport photographs
• Means of Identification- Driver’s License/International Passport/National Identification
• Utility Bill of residence/Company address
• Letter of recent remuneration
• Current account with FirstBank
• Letter of Introduction from employer.

Who Can Apply?

Employees in paid employment and Self-employed professionals.

How To Apply:

• Download the Consumer Loan Application Form

• Complete the form and submit to the Retail Team at the nearest FirstBank branch.

3. First Personal Loan Against Salary 

Do you have a salary account with FirstBank. Simply fill their Loan Application Form to start enjoying our Personal Loan Against Salary structure designed to help you cover pressing financial obligations before pay-day arrives.

Benefits Of First Personal Loan Salary 

• You get up to 36 months repayment option, subject to retirement age of 60 years and the Repayment Structure is Flexible.
• A guarantor is not required
• The processing time is quick
• Equity contribution is not required.
• Minimum documentation is required
• Your Salary Account must be domiciled with FirstBank for the period the facility is in place Flexible repayment structure.

How To Apply And Documents Required:

1. Application letter
2. Personal Loan Application form
3. Statement of accounts
4. Applicant’s letter of total emolument
5. Confirmation of applicant’s employer on FBN approved list
6. Letter of irrevocable domiciliation of salary for the duration of the facility.
7. Complete the form and submit at the nearest FirstBank branch.

4. First Bank Advance Loan 

FirstAdvance is a digital lending solution designed to offer a convenient and easy access to cash for payroll customers awaiting payment of their salaries. 

The product is meant for salary earners whose accounts are domiciled with FirstBank and have received regular salaries in the last six months or more. 

Maximum amount accessible is N500,000.00 subject to 50% of net average 6months salary, whichever is lower. 

The eligible amount is calculated after deducting all other loan obligations to the Bank. 

This product can be accessed via our digital channels: FirstMobile & USSD, FirstOnline, and ATM.

How To Apply For First Advance Loan Via App And Code:

The first bank loan can be gotten Through FirstMobile App Or
USSD CODE-*894*11# or *894#

To apply for FirstAdvance on FirstMobile App

1. Download the recent FirstMobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your smart phone

2. Log on to the FirstMobile App

3. Open menu options on the top left-hand side

4. Select ‘Loans’

5. Next, select ‘FirstAdvance’

6. Next Menu Option shows your eligible amount and the applicable pricing and fees.

7. Next, Accept the Terms & Conditions

8. Next, input desired loan amount not more the eligible amount.

9. Followed by your transaction pin.
Successful, Loan is disbursed to your salary account within minutes.

9. Your account is debited for Management fee & VAT, Interest rate and Insurance as upfront fees and Charges.

Upon receipt of salary or 30days (whichever comes first) your account is debited for Principal repayment.

How To Apply And Get A Loan With First Bank Loan Code:

1. Dial *894# to connect to FirstBank’s USSD Banking, select 3, [Get Loans]
or *894*11#

2. The next menu shows your eligible loan amount

3. Input desired amount and send
Interest rate, Management fees & Insurance is displayed

4. Input 5digit transaction PIN to accept Terms and conditions

5. Loan is disbursed into your salary account within minutes.

Your account is debited for Management fee, Interest rate, Insurance and VAT as upfront fees and Charges.

Upon receipt of salary or 30days (whichever comes first) your account is debited for Principal repayment

You can do more with first bank loan special packages tailored to finance your peculiar projects and urgent needs.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Union Bank Loan | Code And Interest Rate | How To Apply

After my previous article on Fcmb bank loan and GTBank loan in Nigeria, I am here to emphasize more on union bank loan, code to get a loan from union bank, their interest rate and requirements on how to get a successful loan from union bank without collateral.

Union Bank Loan 

Union bank is one of Nigeria largest bank that offers a wide range of loans to make your vision a reality. 

From salary earners to entrepreneurs to pensioners, they got a loan for you.

Student Loan In Nigeria

FINT Loan 

Union Bank Loan Details And Requirements:

1. Unionplus Loan

Unionplus loan is designed for salaried customers. Customers can access up to 15 million Naira and can pay back for up to 60 months.

Benefits Of Unionplus Loan? 

• Repayment: 12-60 months
• Annual income range: N216,000 – N30,000,000
• Loans available between N50,000 and N15,000,000.

Required Documents:

• Completed Application Form
• Letter of Undertaking from employer

How To Apply:

Visit their online loan website registration page and proceed to register,

2. Unionflexi Loan

The Unionflexi loan is designed for salaried customers with an annual salary of up to 30 million Naira. 

Customers can access up to 50 million Naira and can pay back for up to 60 months.

Benefits Of Unionflexi Loan:

• Repayment: 12-60 months
• Annual income range: Minimum N30,000,000
• Loans available between N5,000,000 and N50,000,000

Required Documents:

• Completed Application Form
• Letter of Undertaking from employer

How To Apply For Unionflexi Loan:

Visit their online loan website registration page and proceed to register,

3. Union bank Payadvance Loan

The union bank Payadvance loan is designed for salaried customers. Customers can access up to 50% of their monthly salary and can pay back for up to 12 months.

Loan Benefits:

• Repayment: 12 months

• Annual income range: Minimum N300, 000
• Loans available between N25, 000 and 50% of monthly salary.

Required Documents:

• Completed Application Form

• Letter of Undertaking from employer
• Proforma Invoice.

How To Apply For Union Bank Payadvance Loan:

Visit their online loan website registration page and proceed to register.

How To Be Eligible For Union Bank Loan.

1. A salary receiving a minimum salary of N18,000 monthly

2. A pensioner receiving a minimum pension of N10,000 monthly

3. A business owner.

Union Bank Loan Code And How To Apply.

For pre-approved customers to receive instant loan from union bank Dial the union bank loan code *826*41#

(Please note, you will be contacted if you have been pre-approved for a loan)

1. Simply log onto our online banking platform or Mobile App

2. Dial the union bank loan code *826*41#

For all other customers:

Call us today on 012716816 or send an email to: 

Visit any UBN Branch.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Loans in Abuja Without Collateral | Money Lenders In Abuja

Do you base in FCT Abuja, Nigeria and you require a loan without collateral in Abuja? There are loans companies and private money lenders in Abuja that offers loans to individuals residing in Abuja, up-to 1million naira loan without collateral.

Loan Agencies And Money Lenders In Abuja Without Collateral.

Fcmb Loan 

1. Creditvile Loan 

Creditvile offers Quick Payday loans, business loans and car loans online. Low Interest Rates, Without Collateral for persons in Abuja, Nasarawa & Niger States, Nigeria. 

Their loans are simply the best if you want easy loan repayments, quick delivery and effective customer service.

2. Rosabon Finance Loan

This is an innovative lifestyle product for individuals who are looking to access quick cash for emergencies; be it medical or any other form of unforeseen expenses.

This product eliminates unnecessary paperwork, long approval time, giving you the opportunity to access as much as ₦1.5 Million within 24 Hours without any Collateral or Guarantor(s).

This innovative, easy to access product is transparent and flexible, comes with friendly interest rates and a flexible repayment structure of up to 6 months.

Gain quick and easy access to funds with RQL today.

Rosabon Loan Requirements:

• Be in a paid employment
• Be between 21 and 58 years
• Have a current account
• Have a pension account or tax ID
• Have a valid Proof of Identification.

Head Office is located at The Concept House, No 32 Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos State.

Business Hours are from Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm.

3. Resort Savings And Loans.

This is a lending platform in Abuja located at Block B, Murg Shopping Mall, Moshood Abiola Road, Area 10, Garki, Abuja, FCT.

You can visit their website at, their office opens by Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.


At Pavilion Trust, they offer loans tailored to suit your financial capacity with convenient repayment plans that meets your financial need. 

They ensure that funds are made available to you within 12 hours of application with complete documentation.

Visit Pavilion Website 

5. Concerned Co-operative Society Limited

Public sector bank in Abuja, Nigeria located at Shop No. 3, After Durumi Mosque, Durumi, Abuja, FCT

They offer loans for business and persomal loans in Abuja and their office opens by Monday -Friday 7am - 8pm.

There are money lenders in Abuja that gives private loan in Abuja:

1. KiaKia Loan

KiaKia Loan gives you access to personal and small business loans, and also enable savers lend out funds at negotiated interests through intuitive conversations.

Read more about KiaKia Loan

Having read up on some of the loans and money lenders in Abuja, you can read up on any of the post headline that you want below:

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fcmb Loan | Fcmb Loan Code | How To Apply For Fcmb Loan

Fcmb Loan Codes | Interest Rates And Benefits 

You can now get a Loan and credit from first city monument bank (FCMB). 

Do you need a salary loan? Emergency loan from Fcmb or automobile / car loan from Fcmb? If yes, then you can apply for a personal or business Fcmb loan in Nigeria.

Their fast cash loan, salary Plus loan, salary premium loan and Fcmb auto loan gets you all you need for a safe and easy loans without collateral.

About Fcmb 

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Ltd is a full service banking group, headquartered in Lagos, with the vision ‘to be the premier financial services group of African origin.

Best Fcmb Loans You Can Apply Without Any Hassle.

Most of these instant loan from Fcmb cab be applied online through Fcmb ussd code and offers instant credit without collateral.

1. Fcmb Fast Cash Loan 

FCMB FastCash is a convenient, paperless credit facility with no collateral required for your emergencies and urgent needs. 

It is an instant loan and the application is through Fcmb USSD code *329#.

Features And Benefits Of Applying For Fcmb Cash Loan.

FCMB Fast Cash is designed for existing FCMB customers, and has the following benefits.

• Instant access to funds
• Up to N100,000 loan amount
• No paperwork required, just apply through *329#.
• No collateral needed
• 30 days clean up cycle
• Customer can apply as many times in a year as s/he is qualified.

2. Fcmb Salary Plus Loan 

The Fcmb Salary Plus Loan is a consumer credit scheme available to salary account holders. 

Through this scheme, qualified FCMB customers can access short- or medium-term funding, before payment of salaries.

Eligibility is based on criteria such as domiciliation of salary account with consistent receipt of salaries for a period of 6 months and categorized employer.

Fcmb Salary Plus Loan Top Up

Salary top-up loan is a credit scheme available to existing customers who have a salary plus loan. 

Prequalification is done based on criteria such as up-to-date salary and no missed repayments on loans within the last 6 months.

You can apply for this loan in 2 easy ways:

To top-up your Salary loan through FCMBOnline , simply follow the steps below:

1. Log on to FCMBOnline
2. Click on Consumer Loan
3. Click on Salary plus top up
4. Select Current account number
5. Confirm loan amount
6. Check the box for terms and conditions.
7. Submit request and loan is disbursed within 8 hours.

To top-up your Salary Plus loan at any FCMB Branch, simply follow the steps below:

1. Hand over account number to the Teller at the Branch

2. Teller inputs customer account number on the system to confirm customer eligibility.

3. Eligible amount is displayed.

4. Customer confirms go ahead with the loan amount and conditions.

5. Teller submits the request to Head teller for appropriate confirmation

6. OTP is generated upon completion and sent to the customers ‘registered phone number for confirmation

7. Customer reads out the OTP and teller.
Loan is disbursed within 8 hours.

3. Fcmb Premium Salary Loan

Fcmb Premium Salary Plus loan provides confirmed staff of commercial organizations more useable funds. 

The employee’s organization must have been rated on Moody’s with a minimum A- rating, and eligible employees interested in the product must earn a minimum monthly income of N100, 000.00.

FCMB Premium Salary Plus has the following benefits:

1. Free issuance cost for Premium Debit & Credit Cards
2. Premium Cheque book.

Features Of Fcmb Premium Salary Loan

• Maximum Loan: N10 million
• Minimum Loan: N1 million
• Maximum Tenure: 60 months
• Minimum Tenure: 6 months
• Pricing: Highly Competitive
• Domiciliation of salary
• Life Insurance: Total premium: 0.75% Loan Amount’ Tenure (upfront) non-refundable
• Employee must earn a minimum of N100,000 to qualify for the FCMB Premium Salary Plus Loan.

4. Fcmb Car / Auto Loan

This is a consumer credit scheme which allows qualified individuals to part-finance acquisition of cars for personal use. 

Customers can own a car and pay over a period of time.

Fcmb Standard Auto Loan 

It enables customer purchase vehicles from auto dealers who have been prequalified and have agreed an SLA with the bank


1. Borrow N500,000.00 to N7,500,000.00
2. Payment over 12 to 48 months
3. Contribute as low as 20% towards the purchase
4. Comprehensive Insurance on the car for the entire loan period
5. No security required
6. Competitive pricing and no hidden charges.


1. Installation of free tracking device for auto valued at N3, 000,000 and above(Free for cars above N3milion otherwise, N50,000.00)

2. Buy a car of your choice from our list of acceptable brands and spread payment over a convenient period

3. We have reliable dealers accredited to ensure you buy from a safe source

4. Convenient insurance payment included in the loan repayment amount

5. No residual cost at end of loan tenure

How To Become Eligibility:

Individuals in structured employment
Self-employed individuals with regular income.

Fcmb Loan Terms And Conditions 

Borrower” shall mean the subscriber to the offer and or service

“the Offer” or “the Service” shall mean FCMB FastCash

“the Bank” shall mean First City Monument Bank Limited

“USSD” shall mean Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.


1. The Borrower has applied to the Bank through USSD for FCMB FastCash to meet urgent personal cash flow needs

2. The Bank has agreed to grant the FastCash to the Borrower by way of principal outstanding

3. The Loan amount shall be made available by direct payment into borrower’s current or saving account with FCMB.


1. The Loan

The Bank hereby agrees to make available to the Borrower and the Borrower accepts the sum to be disbursed (hereinafter referred to as “the FastCash”), by the Bank after borrower’s risk assessment and scoring, for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of disbursement

2. Interest Rate

2.1 There will be a risk - based interest rate of 15% per disbursal which will be taken upfront which translates to annual percentage rate of 180%. There shall not be any refund on interest rate collected upfront for any prepayment, pre termination of the loan before 30day period or for any other reason. If the Borrower fails to pay any amount which the Borrower owes the Bank in terms of this agreement on the due date, the Bank shall be entitled to continue to charge interest on the outstanding amount at 0.5% per day.

3. Payment

3.1 The Borrower agrees that the Bank shall have the right to deduct the due repayment in full directly from any of the borrower’s accounts including salary account, saving account, deposit account, corporate account with the Bank and any bank in Nigeria or outside of Nigeria.

3.2 The Borrower hereby gives the Bank the right to deduct monies owing to it from any credit inflow and salary inflow into the accounts in the Bank or any other Bank in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

4. Costs and Charges

All out-of-pocket expenses including registration, legal fees, stamp duties and other fees incurred by the Bank in processing of this facility including enforcement of security and recovery of facility in the event of default shall be for the account of the Borrower.

5. Costs and Charges

All out-of-pocket expenses including registration, legal fees, stamp duties and other fees incurred by the Bank in processing of this facility including enforcement of security and recovery of facility in the event of default shall be for the account of the Borrower.

6. Breach

In the event of:

i. any failure by the Borrower to pay any amount which is due and outstanding under this agreement

ii. any breach by the Borrower of the terms of this agreement or

iii. any failure by the Borrower to carry out his or her obligations under this agreement; then the full sum outstanding under this agreement, together with any penal charge (if any) and all other charges and expenses owing to and due to the Bank by the Borrower shall become immediately due and payable, and without giving notice to the Borrower, the Bank shall be entitled to terminate this agreement and claim and/or recover from the Borrower any damages/losses it may have suffered as a consequence.

7. Authorization to comply

The Borrower agrees that the Bank is irrevocably authorized to comply with any instructions on the Service receives on his/her behalf through the USSD and it is agreed that such Instruction shall be irrevocably deemed to be the Borrower’s Instruction.

8. Notices

8.1 Set off and consolidation rights

The Bank may at any time and without notice to the Borrower combine all or any of the Borrower’s accounts and liabilities with the Bank in Nigeria (or elsewhere) whether singly or jointly with any person, or set off all or any monies standing to the credit of such account(s) including the Borrower’s deposits with the Bank (whether matured or not) towards satisfaction of any of the Borrower’s liabilities to the Bank whether as principal or surety, actual or contingent, primary or collateral, singly or jointly with any other person and the Bank may effect any necessary currency conversion at the Bank’s own rate of exchange then prevailing. Exchange risks associated with any collateral, cash or otherwise in satisfaction of outstanding debt shall be borne by the Borrower.

By accepting the terms & conditions of the loan and by drawing on the loan. I covenant to repay the loan as and when due. In the event that I fail to repay the loan as agreed, and the loan becomes delinquent, the bank shall have the right to report the delinquent loan to the CBN through the Credit Risk Management System (CRMS) or by any other means, and request the CBN to exercise its regulatory power to direct all banks and other financial institutions under its regulatory purview to set-off my indebtedness from any money standing to my credit in any bank account and from any other financial assets they may be holding for my benefit.

I covenant and warrant that the CBN shall have power to set-off my indebtedness under this loan agreement from all such monies and funds standing to my credit/benefit in any and all such accounts or from any other financial assets belonging to me and in the custody of any such bank.

I hereby waive any right of confidentiality whether arising under common law or statute or in any other manner whatsoever and irrevocably agree that I shall not argue to the contrary before any court of law, tribunal, administrative authority or any other body acting in any judicial or quasi-judicial capacity
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Glo Cash Loan

Glo Cash Loan In Nigeria | Glo Loan Code.

Glo Nigeria offers Glo quick cash mobile money loan to all Glo customers, who can also make money as a Glo affiliate in Nigeria.

How Does The Glo Cash Loan Nigeria Works?

When a customer registers for a Mobile Money Account or Mobile Wallet, he/she can perform the following services on their mobile phone or device:


Exchange of physical cash into electronic cash (e-value of e-money)
The purchase of e-money/e-value by offering cash to the seller.


Movement of the e-Value available in one’s Mobile Money Account to another Mobile Wallet. In another words, it is sending e-money to others by sms instructions.


a. Exchange of e-value into physical cash
b. The sales of e-money in exchange for physical cash. It is the withdrawal of physical cash in exchange of e-value


a. Use of the e-money to pay for day to day services and products e.g. Cable TV, Utility bills, air-tickets among others.

These services are secure, PIN-protected, and supported with a 24/7 Customer service provided by the Mobile Network Operator. 

Therefore, people can rely on Mobile Money to perform all their daily financial transactions without the need to carry around cash.

Glo Mobile Money / Glo Cash Xchange 

1. Glo Mobile Money

“Mobile Money is a service whereby customers use their mobile phone device to send and receive monetary value – or more simply put, to transfer money electronically from one person to another using a mobile phone as Mobile Wallet”.

2. Glo Cash Xchange

Is the First Super-Agency Network for licensed mobile money operators in Nigeria brand named the “Glo Xchange”.

This is Globacoms’ Mobile Money Agent Network of outlets spread across the country where customers visit to carry out mobile money transactions such as customer registration, cash –in , cash-out, airtime purchase, bill payments etc.

FINT Loan 

Benefits Of Glo Cash

There are many advantages attached to the use of Mobile Money. Below are a summary of the benefits Mobile Money can provide:

Convenience – (FAST)

– Saves time,
– Short duration transactions,
– Eliminates Queues via broad agency networks, etc.

Reduced risk – (SAFE)

– Encrypted data technology channels
– Password protected transactions
– Safer than informal means of money transfer methods

Affordability – (EASY)

– Relatively cheaper than formal money transfer methods,
– Reduces money transportation costs
– 24/7 availability
– Anytime
– Anywhere.

Why Become A Glo Mobile Money Agent 

Statistics have shown that 53.0% of adults in Nigeria are excluded from financial services and therefore, this is a potential market for mobile money business.

By becoming a mobile money agent, the agent stands to benefit from increased customer traffic flow into their shops, extra income earned from mobile money transactions commissions and global recognized brand association benefits.

How To Apply For Glo Cash Loan Nigeria 

It is very simple to become a Mobile Money Agent. You can become a Mobile Money Agent today by simply registering on this website.

– Excellent commissions
– Low cost of set-up
– Business and Marketing Support
– Only Glo SIM and phone needed.

To begin the process of becoming a Mobile Money Agent, please fill out the pre-qualification form below and submit it.

Become A Glo Agent and get a Glo Cash Loan in Nigeria today.
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

GTBank Loan Ussd Code | GTBank Quick Credit Loan | GTBank Soft Loan etc

GTBank ( Guarantee Trust Bank ) offers personal loans to customers and non customers banking on GTBank, how you need it and whenever you want it.

GTBank personal loans provide you with the right financing for your personal needs while guaranteeing you all the security you are looking for.

GTBank Loan In Nigeria 

GTBank offers Loans to Nigerians from their wide range of simple and straightforward loan offers.

GTBank Loan is good for your Personal needs and the projects you care about.

Types Of GTBank Loan In Nigeria.

1. GTBank Salary Loan 

GTBank salary loan in Nigeria offers you loan of up-to 50% of your net month salary, these loan is available to staff of private companies and government agencies with active salary account domiciled in GTBank.

Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria 

KiaKia Loan App 

Why GTBank Salary Loan?

• up-to 50% net salary in advance.

• Tenor of 30 days. Renewable monthly.

• No collateral required.

• Minimum salary of N 25,000 for public sector and N 50,000 for private sector employees.

• Salary advance will be made available within 24 hours.

How To Apply For GTBank Salary Loan?

1. Simply login to Internet Banking 
2. Dial *737*8*2# to apply
3. Visit any GTBank branch or ATM near you.

2. GTBank School Fees Loan. 

GTBank School Fees Advance is a loan facility designed to finance the payment of your child’s/ward’s school fees for schools/institutions in Nigeria only. 

This facility is available to members of staff of public and reputable private organizations whose salaries are domiciled with the Bank.

Student Loan In Nigeria 

Why GTBank School Fees Loan? 

• Up to N5 Million School Fees Advance. 

• Maximum tenor of 4 months per request.

• Very Competitive interest rate. Equal monthly repayments comprising of principal and interest.

• Immediate access to funds for the prompt payment of your child/wards school fees.

How To Apply For GTBank School Fees Loan. 

1. Submit Completed Application Form and Employer Undertaking Form.

2. Provide School Fees bill and Credit Insurance.

3. Ensure that staff terminal benefit is domiciled in GTBank or obtain Corporate Guarantee.

3. GTBank Quick Credit Loan.

Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, you can now get the cash you need instantly, and pay back over 6 - 12 months. 

The GTBank Quick Credit gives you funds up to N5million at an interest rate of 1.75% monthly. 

Business Loan In Nigeria 

Why GTBank Quick Loan? 

• Up to N1 - 5 Million

• Convenient repayment plan spread over 6 - 12 months.

• At an interest rate of 1.75% per month.

How To Apply For GTBank Quick Credit Loan.

1. You can request for Quick Credit instantly by dialling *737*51*51#

Quick Credit loan is also available on all GTBank online and mobile banking platforms (Internet Banking, GTWorld, GTBank Mobile App and Habari App).

4. GTBank MaxAdvance Loan

MaxAdvance is designed to facilitate personal loans to staff of select corporate and government organizations whose staff salary accounts reside with GTBank.

Why GTBank MaxAdvance Loan? 

• Loans from N100,000 to N10,000,000.

• Equal monthly repayment comprising principal & Interest. Monthly repayment shall not exceed 33.3% of net monthly.

• Salary Domiciliation, Credit Insurance, Domiciliation of staff terminal benefit or Corporate Guarantee.

GTBank MaxAdvance loan is an all purpose loan for you to meet your financial needs with a convenient repayment plan.

5. GTBank MaxPlus Loan. 

GTBank MaxPlus Loan offers you a larger loan facility and greater flexibility to meet your financial needs with a convenient repayment plan. Available to platinum customers whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

Why GTBank MaxPlus Loan? 

1. Get loan of between N6 Million and N30 Million.

2. Tenor of up to 36 months. Monthly repayment cannot exceed 33.3% of net monthly salary.

3. Equal monthly repayment comprising principal & Interest.

4. No collateral required.

To Apply visit any nearest GTBank branch near you.

6. GTBank Computer Ownership Loan.

GTBank Computer Acquisition Scheme offers a facility (time loan) to currently serving Corps members whose allowance accounts are domiciled with the Bank to finance the acquisition of mobile devices to be paid during the service year.

Why This Loan? 

1. Maximum loan amount is N60,000.

2. Tenor 3 – 10 months

3. Equal monthly installment of principal and interest over the tenor of the facility and shall not exceed 33.3% of Corps member’s monthly allowance.

4. Corps member’s allowance must be domiciled with the Bank

5. Interest rate is Competitive.


1. Corps members get the mobile device with a flexible repayment plan.

2. It allows Corp members more information, knowledge and acquisition of skills.

7. GTMortgage Loan 

GTMortgage offers credit facilities to customers whose salaries or business proceeds are domiciled with the Bank to enable them own a home in selected cities within the country.

8. GTBank Premium Advance Loan

GTBank Premium loan Always there, when you need funds the most, Premium Advance is a revolving overdraft facility placed on your Debit Naira MasterCard.

Why GTBank Premium Loan 

1. Up to N1 Million overdraft with a 1 year 

2. Tenor (subject to clean-up every 30 days).
Very Competitive interest rate. 2% flat fee on N1million upon first utilization.

3. Overdraft accessible via Naira Debit MasterCard (for ATM withdrawals, POS purchase and web payments)

4. Monthly repayment of interest with bullet payment of principal at end of cycle.

How To Apply:

Simply submit completed Application Form and Employee Undertaking Form.

9. GTBank Travel Loan 

Travel Advance is a time loan designed to meet the travel needs of our customers whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

Available For:

•Airline Ticket
•Hotel Reservation
•Airport Pickup and Transfer
•Tours and Events


1. Customer must have their salary account domiciled with GTBank.

2. Customer must have received his/her salary through GTBank in the last three months from the same employer.

3. Salary must be paid in Naira (NGN).

How To Apply:

1. Login to Internet Banking

2. Click Travel Advance under Investments and Quick Loans

3. Select Travel Advance and initiate a New request

4. Fill the required details

5. Authorize your request by inputting the 6 digits on your token and submit.

10. GTBank Car Loan 

Vehicle Insurance Premium financing is a time loan that enables corporate organizations and salary owners (whose accounts are domiciled with the bank) pay for their motor insurance premium upfront and spread the repayment over a 12 months period.


1. Loan Amount: Individuals – N20,000 – N1,000,000 (Individuals) & N20,000 – N5,000,000 (Corporate)

2. Tenor: Maximum of 1 year

3. Pricing: Interest Rate is 1.67% per month

4. Repayment: Equal monthly repayment comprising principal and interest

5. Equity Contribution: 20% of total insurance premium cost

6. Fees: 1% one-off flat fee.

Why Grab It?

• Instant availability of funds to pay for insurance premium
• Opportunity to pay for insurance premium on monthly basis

• Insurance cover without physically visiting insurance office

Who Can Apply?

1. Individual Customers whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank;

2. All SME’s and Corporates with accounts domiciled with the Bank and with access to GAPs

How To Apply:

You can apply for the Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing on Internet Banking or on GAPS

Internet Banking

• Sign On --- Menu--- Insurance Loans ---- Vehicle Insurance 

GAPs/GAPs Lite 

• Sign On – --- Single Transactions----- Collections ----- Insurance Loans----- Vehicle Insurance Leadway

2. Loan is availed immediately 

3. Insurance Service provider processes policy for the customer within 48 hours.

4. A copy of the insurance certificate is sent to the customer’s email address.

5. Customer repays the loan on monthly basis.

GTBank Loan Ussd Code 

1. Dial code *737*8*2# to apply for GTBank salary loan.

2. Dial code *737*51*51# for GTBank quick credit loan

3. Dial code *737# to view all transactions on GTBank.

Wrapping Up On GTBank Loan

You can get instant loan from GTBank if you meet their terms, however the loans ranges from soft loans, mortgage loans quick credit loans etc, which gives you loan of up-to N1million Naira.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Loan For Business In Nigeria | Both For Large And Small Scale Business

Do you need an extra money to grow your business here in Nigeria? These business loans in Nigeria will help you get started, no paperwork or colleatral needed, applicable to large or small scale business in Nigeria, more especially you can request and apply for a loan of up-to N5million.

Loan Apps In Nigeria 

Loans In Lagos 
Student Loan In Nigeria 

Why Need A Loan For Your Business In Nigeria.

Business loans give you the opportunity to expand your business and generate more income from your business.

You started a new business and you think it requires additional capital before it grows, there are business loans that got your back.

What if you have already made business that needs more money for expanding just like old saying : the higher we invest the more profit it comes out. Then this article loans for business in Nigeria is for you.

Best Loans For Large And Small Scale Business In Nigeria ( Bank Loans / Website And Apps).

1. Lapo Microfinance Bank 

Lapo Nigeria is one of the best business loan providers in Nigeria designed to meet the capital needs of small and medium scale entrepreneurs who require more funds for expansion.

Their loan Facility range from: N50,000 (minimum) to N500,000 (maximum) which is more suitable for any large or small scale business owner.

Their business loans goes to business Individuals with a duration of 1-12 months, and also Grace period of 1 month.

Benefits Of Taking Lapo Business Loan In Nigeria?

1. No collateral

2. Access to funds for business expansion

3. Access to other loan products

4. Flexible repayment structure

5. Training on basic financial management, business planning and customer relations

6. Low interest rate

7. Expert financial advice available.

Lapo Business Head Office In Nigeria:

Their office is located at 18, Dawson Road,
P.M.B. 1729, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. West Africa. You can also reach them on Phone: +234-52-882168-9.

You can also visit their head office at Irorun Plaza, 2nd Floor Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun P.M.B. 1729, Ikeja, Lagos State.

You can reach them via email at

Their Call Centre Number: +234-813-984-0230,  Landline: +234-816-938-9739

Requirements For Getting A Business Loan From Lapo Nigeria 

1. Loan application letter

2. Duly completed application form
2 guarantors

3. A valid means of ID (national ID, driver’s license, voter's card or  international passport)

4. Current utility bill

5. 4 recent passport-size photographs.

2. StanbicIBTC Business Loan In Nigeria 

Stanbic Ibtc bank Business Loan provides funds which you can repay over one to five years. 

You repay the loan in monthly set installments. Whatever your business plans, their fixed or revolving business loans can help you reach your goals.

Why Get A Business Loan With Stanbic Ibtc.

1. When you use the loan to buy an asset, the asset becomes yours when you make the last payment.

2. The repayments are structured to suit your business' cash flow.

3. You’ll get access to affordable insurance for your loan.

What You Need To Apply For A Business Loan With Stanbic Ibtc.

• The full names and capacities of those who will sign

• CV of each member of the management team.

• The reason why you need the finance.

• Your business' financial statements, including an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

• Personal statements of assets and liabilities of all the partners, members or directors.

• A 12 month cash flow forecast.

• The amount of your own contribution and the source of the funds.

• If you do not have a business account with Stanbic IBTC Bank you must provide the business' bank statements for the past six months.

However, If your business needs short-term financing then a Fixed Term Loan (FTL) may be useful. 

It’s a loan that offers you the same interest rate and repayments throughout the term of the loan. 

This type of loan does not need any collateral and you will know the exact date on which the repayments end.

Visit the nearest Stanbic Ibtc Bank near you for more information.

3. UBA Business Loan 

UBA bank business loan will give you the freedom to spend a little more on what you really want. 

You may need some extra cash to fix your car, pay medical bills, expand your business or take care of other exigencies. How you chose to use your loan is up to you.

Benefits Of UBA Business Loan:

1. No deposit and invoices are required
Fast, simple and convenient
2. Convenient repayment terms
3. Competitive interest rates.

How To Apply For UBA Business Loan

Complete a UBA Consumer Loan Application form which you may download here or pick up from any of our branches,

Submit your application to the customer service officer in your branch.

4. GTBank Business And Personal Loan In Nigeria 

GTBank personal loans provide you with the right financing for your personal needs while guaranteeing you all the security you are looking for.

You can Choose from their wide range of simple and straightforward loan offers for your Personal needs and the projects you care about.

GTBank Quick Credit 

Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, you can now get the cash you need instantly, and pay back over 6 - 12 months. 

GTBank Quick Credit loan gives you funds up to N5million at an interest rate of 1.75% monthly. 

No Hidden Charges.

Why GTBank Quick Credit Loan?

1. Up to N1 - 5 Million

2. Convenient repayment plan spread over 6 - 12 months.

3.At an interest rate of 1.75% per month.

How To Confirm If You Are Eligible For GTBank Quick Credit Loan In Nigeria.

On your phone quickly dial GTBank eligibility code *737*51*51# 

To Get Started 

Open a GTBank account and visit the nearest GTBank branch near you.

5. Quickteller Loan

Quickteller is one of the best business loan providers in Nigeria with instant cash loan deposit to your bank account in Nigeria.

You can request for a loan via their website and get credited immediately after approved.

This loan is suitable for any business owner in Nigeria as you can request up-to 1million Naira loan from Quickteller.

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