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Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

Are you a blogger or you are looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria, There are many ways you can make money online and pay per click affiliate programs is one of the easiest way that you can use to monetize your blog and make money online in Nigeria.

These pay per click sites can pay you as much as N100 - N200 per click and are best known as affiliate programs that pays daily.

These pay per click sites pays you for each click gotten from your website or blog traffic, some of these PPC ( pay per click ) sites pays you for impression and most of it all pays you referral.

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Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In Nigeria That Pays Daily 

1. Google Adsense Program ( PPC ).

Google Adsense is one of the highest and most paid pay per click affiliate network in Nigeria, they can pay you up-to N300 per click depending on your traffic visitors.

Their payments are done through bank transfer and requirements needed to earn from Google pay per click affiliate program is to have a website or blog then you can sign up for their publishers program.

2. NGAdverts Program 

This is also one of Nigeria advertising company with fast approval for anyone that wants to make money from Ngadvert pay per click.

Comes with easy sign up and minimum payout of N3,000 in Nigeria currency, their payment is through bank transfer

Sign Up As Ngadverts PPC affiliate and make money as a publisher through your website for each click.

3. Propeller PPC (Pay Per Click Network).

This is one of the fastest growing ad networks out there. They have a multi-channel format that allows you to maximize your income by monetizing your website traffic in several ways. 

Their advertising solutions include; display, desktop, video, mobile, in-app, and more. Our readers think this is among the best choices of all pay per click platforms.

4. Alternative Pay Per Click Website

This is an advertising company known for its top paying ad network, they offer cpc and PPC while signing up.

To sign up with this Alternative Pay Per click network is easy and requires no minimum traffic, they also offer 3% - 5% of their advertiser's pay to you as their publisher's affiliate to earn.

Their method of payment is through PayPal and Bank wire transfer

Register with Alternative Adverts Now.

5. Dochase Pay Per Click Site

Dochase is another amazing advertising website in Nigeria that offers easy sign up through their ads and pay much per single click more than impression,

Their minimum payout is 2,000 and they pay directly to your Nigerian bank account faster.

They offer both PPM and CPM, Register with Dochase easily.

6. Adquet Per Click Affiliate Program 

This is also Nigeria top paying ad networks, easy sign up, no minimum traffic  domain acceptable.

Their pay per click goes from N45 to N100 and pay per click depending on the banner ad size and their method of payment is through bank transfer.

Sign Up With Adquet pay per click affiliate program.

7. VigLink Pay Per Click 

This is an awesome automated marketing program that will turn your regular links into affiliate links so you can get paid for content that you would normally not be earning money from. 

This is done by their system identifying products/services mentioned within the content that they then automatically transform the terms into money making links. 

When you refer someone to VigLink, you will get 35% commission for the first year.

8. Twinpine Pay Per Click Affiliate Network 

This is a Nigerian top ad network with a minimum payout of N2,500 through bank transfer, they also offers both cost per click and pay per miles advertising on both mobile apps and website.

Although there are foreign pay per click affiliate programs that pays per click, per impression and method of payment is through PayPal but if you don't have any idea on how to get a PayPal then try out the above listed pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria etc. 
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