Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mobile Money Lending Apps In Ghana

There are mobile money lending apps that can lend you up-to 2000 ceedis in Ghana, these money lending apps are tested and trusted, has the best rate of loans without collateral in Ghana.

In my previous post on Loan apps in ghana where I explained briefly on apps that lends you money in Ghana, their requirements, interest rates and loan tenure.

Now these are the best money lending apps in ghana which I can recommend to any of my friends including you.

MTN Cash Loan 

Glo Cash Loan Nigeria 

Top Money Lending Apps In Ghana 

1. Barclay Money Lending App 

Barclays app is a lending financial Mobile App that provides a fast, easy and secure way to access your accounts, send money, and withdraw cash, buy airtime and pay your bills directly from your phone.

With Barclay app, you can use your Mobile Wallet to pay for goods and services on the fly, do easy transfers between your accounts, save your contacts as beneficiaries to effortlessly manage payment details, keep a close eye on your balances and transaction history

Fast and secure convenience, at your fingertips. Download the app now and start the journey to true banking freedom.

2. Fido Money Lending App 

With Fido money lending app in ghana, you can Apply for an instant loan with no need for collateral or guarantor

Fido loan is fast, easy and convenient. 
Licensed by the Bank of Ghana and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers, Only available in Ghana.

Why Fido Lending App? 

You can Receive up to GHS 200 for your first loan and repay between 10 and 33 days;

They increase your loan amount  every time you repay on time, up to a maximum of GHS 1,000; 

As the loan limit increases, we decrease the interest rate and offer more flexible installment options;

Interest rate and total amount to repay are displayed in the app.

The Fido money lending app is available on Playstore bit you can read more about them here

3. Carbon ( Paylater Ghana App ).

Paylater is an easy-to-use and entirely online lending platform that provides short-term loans to individuals and small businesses in Ghana to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.

With Paylater, you can access up to 200,000 gh cedis loan with no collateral. Once your application is approved, funds are typically received within 1 – 3 business days. Making on-time repayments can grant you access to higher credit limits for your next loan.

Download the Paylater App on Playstore to get quick and flexible loans at affordable rates.

4. Standtall Lending App In Ghana 

Lending made easy with StandTall Micro Credit loan app, 

Standtall Microcredit Enterprise is registered with the Registrar General's Department and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. 

It is a good standing member of Micro Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG).

Standtall gives micro credit loans to individuals and businesses at affordable interest rates.

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