It's good to know that there are loan agencies in Nigeria located in every part of the country and most of these companies have websites where you can borrow quick cash online.

Loan agencies in Nigeria

If you want to apply for any personal loan in Nigeria please try to know your credit score because it is the first thing lenders check before giving you loans. Please note that your loan application is likely to be rejected if you have a bad credit report.

So please learn how to build up your credit score if you don't want to be rejected by any credit providers in Nigeria. However, in your spare time you can as well check out the best lending companies in Nigeria to borrow money without Collateral here.

Best Loan Agencies in Nigeria in 2020 that provide Instant loans to Nigerian Consumers


10+ Websites that Gives 24hrs Loans in Nigeria without Collateral

LMoney is a leading salary advance and consumer credit platform owned and operated by Lubeck Capital limited, a registered Micro-finance institution in Nigeria. They offer 24hrs loan in Nigeria up to N5million with a maximum repayment period of 12 months to individuals (salary earners or business owners), group of individuals, either directly or via their employers.

LMoney also provide point of sale finance for consumer goods of appliance in partnership with retailers across Nigeria.

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10+ Websites that Gives 24hrs Loans in Nigeria without Collateral

Kiakia is a Yoruba word which simply means quick-quick. It is owned, managed, and administered by kiakia bits ltd in Nigeria. It provides quick and instant loan up to N5million to individuals who are either salary earners or small scale business owners with terms ranging from 14 days - 30 days.

Kiakia uses digital forensics, big data and machine learning for credit scoring and risk assessment. This enables kiakia to manage it's credit process to give out loans to individuals and business owners

Upon visiting the kiakia loan website, you will notice that kiakia makes use of a virtual agent who paraded himself as Mr.K that takes you through the process of registration and performing other activities through its website.

Page Financial

Loan agencies in Nigeria

Page financials is among the leading technologically innovative retail finance institution license by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). Which offers outstanding products and services to suit the financial requirements of their diverse clientele. That's according to its web portal.

Founded in 2014, and up till now, they have delivered retail financial services in an unprecedented manner to its users. Page as it is regularly called gives loans up to N5million with amazing interest rates making it one of the best loan agencies in Nigeria.

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Loan agencies in Nigeria

Creditville is an asset management company and a private lending institution registered in Nigeria ltd is an asset management company and a private lending institution registered and operated in Nigeria, with business interest in consumer financeReal estate and capital markets.

Creditville ltd offer cash loans up to N5million to individuals in paid employment, and to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. With term's ranges from 1 - 24 months.


Loan agencies in Nigeria

Zedvance is a CBN-license financial service provider founded in Nigeria. They gives out quick loans up to N5million for a period of 18 months to salary earners, self employed, SMEs and entrepreneur's in Nigeria who are looking to take their business to the forefront of the market, in the most efficient and convenient manner.

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Zedvance is one of the, if not the best loan agencies in Nigeria, and they have 3 different loan packages designed to suits your needs and budget namely: Zedvance nano which give you loans up to N100,000 for a period of 15days, Zedvance Payroll which gives you instant loans in Nigeria up to N5million for a period of 24 months and Zedvance Business which is not yet official as at the time of writing.

Rosabon Financial Services

Rosabon Finance Quick Loan

Rosabon financial services is a member of the concept group. License by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and being a long standing member of the equipment leasing association of Nigeria (ELAN), With offices in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

The organization has evolved into Nigeria's leading non-banking financial intermediary and equipment leasing firm focused on niche and general markets. They offer loans to Nigerian consumers up to N1.5 million for a period of 10 months or more based on the loan packages you selected.

With over 23 years of experience in the field of finance management, tailoring our lease, loans and investment offerings to meet the financial needs of it's borrowers either on a long or short term.

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Loan agencies in Nigeria

EazziCash is a division of MyEazzi solution limited, it is a fast growing retail consumer lending and advisory services institution registered in Nigeria that gives out loans to Nigerian consumers up to N6 million for a period of 6 months.

EazziCash understand that the majority of investors and lenders in Nigeria are extremely cautious of their finances and often regret how finance institutions reap them off their money; hence, EazziCash have designed a new, innovative and secured pawn & lending, financing and investing platforms which offers simplicity, transparency, integrity and efficiency.


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